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Max Reilly is becoming a well known name in the boutique building space. The business’ growth is attributed to our professional approach, having experienced personnel with a proven track record of success, exceptional communication skills and a transparent approach of project delivery.

Max Reilly has over 40 years of building expertise within the business and focuses on developing strong relationships with architects, clients, suppliers and subcontractors within local communities. Our diverse heritage makes Max Reilly the perfect boutique builder for both commercial and domestic projects, with our staff being as diverse as the projects that we take on.

Clients often describe the team at Max Reilly as being professional, prompt, easy to deal with, organised and up-to-date. Max Reilly is a place of professional decorum, this is how we operate in the office and on site. We keep things running efficiently whilst being transparent.

We’re Max Reilly. What can we build for you?

Max Reilly

Max Reilly is a commercial and domestic building firm, that works in conjunction with a number of external Architectural practises.

Successful tenders for projects in our key market sectors account for approximately 50% of our work, with the remaining work generated from ongoing business to business relations and referrals.

We specialise in forming project specific partnerships that involve us providing pre-contractual cost planning with build-ability, due diligence and ultimately open book negotiated lump sum construction management contacts with our clients.

In all the key market sectors below, we are able to undertake projects ranging from $40K to $10M.

The Max Reilly Approach

We specialise in individual and unique construction projects. There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ Max Reilly design, because every job stands alone. Whether it’s cinemas, development estates or new homes, we start from scratch with every project. There are no pre-fabricated frames or catalogues of constructions to choose from, because every client has their own needs and every building should be as individual as the people using it.

Max Reilly has a sense of adventure. We don’t limit ourselves; every project is a voyage of discovery. When we work with heritage-listed properties, we are reminded of the importance of architectural history and how unique every building should be. When we work with cinemas or the ABC, we appreciate living in the future, with all of the technology that is available to us and what that makes possible.

At Max Reilly, we understand that a building is probably the biggest investment you can make, whether it’s a home, an office or a business. In every other area of our lives we expect an investment to reflect value, so why should that be any different in construction? There aren’t any differences with Max Reilly. That’s why we ensure complete transparency in all of our project budgets. You will be provided with a comprehensive, constantly updated list of all materials, fittings and services that are going into your project. You can question it, you can change it, you can even source your own; it’s your project.

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"Master Bulder & Registered Practitioner"